February 08, 2010

Started Deleting

This morning I decided to start deleting some of my posts ...... but everything from this blog will be at the new on :) Here's the link for the new "From Michele's Heart" Remember to follow me there ....... while your there why don't you become one of my followers I love starting my day off visiting new places and old friends ;)

February 03, 2010

My Blog ........

Instead of trying to figure out how to fix this blog I decided to export it to a new blog ..... so much easier then trying to figure out where the problem is in the html (that's why I don't do web design anymore LOL) I will keep this blog addy here for a few weeks then it will be deleted! Here's the link for the new "From Michele's Heart"

January 31, 2010

Blogger problems!

I wanted to do some updates here but Blogger is being a pain in the but with my layout ..... my side bar is all messed up and everytime I go and try to fix it blogger won't let me I Need A Drink I've been trying to rework my sidebar off and on today still NO luck!!!!! I tried to get rid of one of the gadgets that is giving me the problem (about me) but I can't even work on it all of my other gadgets are working for me ... BOY do I need a DRINK!